I do apologise for being a bit slack on blogging! My first excuse is the very much less than excellent internet here in Thailand (terrible in other words). Second excuse is I spent the last 8 days in a bizarro world!

Me and my friend spent 8 brilliant days on Koh Lanta, a tropical island outside of Krabi in the Andaman sea in Southern Thailand. It is an absolutely beautiful area of tropical islands, beaches and huge limestone cliffs. Boat rides here offer stunning views of islands such as Koh Phi Phi. It is a bizarro world however as everything is so constructed and fake, resorts, tourists, tour companies etc. Koh Phi Phi islands (of โ€˜The Beachโ€™ fame) is now unfortunately one big backpacker hell of a tourist trap to be avoided at all cost!

Koh Lanta was brilliant for sunbaking and swimming, beach was quiet and our resort was almost empty. The beach was useless for photography though, but a speedboat trip to Phi Phi offered a few quick and nice opportunities for some snapshots. This is a limestone cliff outside of one of the Phi Phi islands. It is a cropped 17mm shot from a boat so I added a bit of gaussian and motion blur to the water.

Phi phi - blog

The next shot is a slice of tropical bliss from Bamboo Island:

bamboo - blog

The limestone cliffs are a spectacular sight but apart from that I fear the beaches of Australia have slightly spoiled me as Thailand does not quite compare in my eyes. However, being back in Chiang Mai I do miss the beach of Koh Lanta an awful lot!


16 thoughts on “Southern Thailand Bizarro Tropical Bliss

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  1. Andrew Brown 11 years ago

    Hi mate, looks very humid but beautiful all the same.

  2. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    Now that's my kinda photo Bo!

    NIce cool water away from those hot stark deserts you love so much!



    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Cheers Mark, I think I am now half desert creature half ocean creature – as I have fallen deeply in love with beaches and swimming in the ocean!

  3. chloe 11 years ago

    sounds like you're having a good trip & what a stunning location
    makes me super jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thanks Chloe, there are a few stunning locations here although I have composed the images to cut all the crap away, if you looked behind me you would see less than stunning (but that's the magic of landscape photography anyway isn't it, cut out that piece of magic).

  4. Michael 11 years ago

    Top image is filth Flemming, didja hav a swim?

  5. Stephen Williams 11 years ago

    classic shot of the islands Flem.
    Very nice!
    no wonder why you're not sitting behind a computer haha.

    i got a pretty speccy beach in mind to take you to as well if time permits

  6. Rod Thomas 11 years ago

    cya soon mate, I had better anyway ! !

    You catching up with anyone else while your in my neck of the woods ?

    Casey has now gone home, so if ya need a place for a few days, let me know. Im about 90 minutes north of Sydney, but have good beaches ( better than Christian's ) and we can even do the Stockton Dunes if your interested… let me know and ill organise a few days off mate

    CAKE 09 over and out ! !

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      cya soon mate ! Coming to Sydney after we have done South WA, so perhaps late February.

      Yeah catching up with a few others in Sydney but no one as important as you of course CAKE matey!