I spent a fantastic weekend on Rottnest Island with True North Mark (http://truenorthmark.wordpress.com/) and hope to be able to post pictures soon! You dear readers must have a bit of patience though, me and my friend are now on a South West WA road trip, so I am online very little – all good things to those who wait!


4 thoughts on “Rottnest Island – and South West WA

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  1. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    Looking fwd to seeing the master at work Bo!


    True North Mark!

  2. chloe 11 years ago

    i'm waiting to see some photography! 🙂
    bet you to had a blast

  3. muzz 11 years ago

    Hey Bo, welcome to WA! So you see the horizon really does lean down here 🙂

  4. hodgy1 11 years ago

    Hanging out for a masterpiece now Flemming with a leading line like that . hehe.