From Denmark to Denmark

Last weekend I woke up on True North Mark’s boat moored at Rottnest Island. This weekend I woke up in Denmark! The town of Denmark that is, on the Southern coast of Western Australia, not the country of Denmark presently buried in snow and arctic temperatures. Presently I much prefer this Denmark, even if it is slightly cold at 28 sunny degrees or so. We had a beautiful day yesterday swimming at Madfish Bay yesterday and a gorgeous (Mark, it went fucking off!) sunset at Green’s Pool!

I am halfway through a great South Western Australia road trip which has presently brought us to Denmark. We have had fun, strange and amazing experiences in the form of a mix of Mother Nature, strange backpacker travellers and backpacker hostels! More stories and images to come, internet access is scarce here at all the hostels and anyway; internet is very low on my priorities presently, good to kick the habit a bit and try some offline life as well!

Weather has been really weird for a Summer in Western Australia. Bunbury turned out to be much warmer and sunnier than Perth. But then we have also had some cloudy cold Winter-like days where the sun was nowhere to be seen and I even needed a sweater and jeans one day. Shocking and very displeased with the weather gods! Good thing Broome and the tropics is next on the menu.

We had some awesome light and clouds at places like Hamelin Bay, Cape Leuwin, Conspicuous Cliffs and Green’s Pool here in Denmark. Really got back into shooting again as Mother Nature has kindly provided some amazing cloudscapes and sunsets for me re-igniting my passion! Here is a very quick and rough developed shot from incredible clouds at Conspicuous Cliffs at Walpole from a few days ago. There was practically no wind and it was a very special afternoon.

Walpole Conspicuous Point - blog

On the return trip we are doing Dunsborough and all the locations in that area. Also saying hello to that oh what is his name, Fletch something, that WA photographer up there with the crooked horizons 🙂 More to come.

10 Comments on “From Denmark to Denmark”

  1. Hi Bo,

    Nice pic mate and good to here you are liking it down there.

    Christian is back home and feeling much better today, so drop him a line he is keen to catch up.



  2. I for one, am enjoying this not-extreme weather after the January we've had, so don't jinx it for us Flemming! 😀

    If you ever do a cross country via the Nullabor, there will be a different breed of strangeness. Reverse cabin fever i think?

    Looking forward to more shots 🙂

  3. nice shot Flem. 🙂
    i don't know how you do it- but you still kind of have your classic "desertscape" feel to this image.
    despite there being whatever ridiculous amount of water that would be in it haha.

    that weather is typical for the South Coast though.
    good luck predicting it 😛

  4. Flemming, we are really hoping to see you this trip. We have even found a babysitter so we can be feral free! Let us know when you are heading back to Perth…Andrew can chew the fat with you and I can stare longingly at your cameras. Sigh.

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