A few weeks ago me Ihad the pleasure of being invited aboard True North Mark’s big and beautiful private boat for a brilliant weekend at Rottnest Island with Mark and friends. A huge thanks to Mark for having us along and Brett, Greg and Jordan for outstanding company and great fun. We toured the whole island, we shot some photos and had a wicked and unreal time (using a bit of the surfer slang we learned). We also went snorkling twice, for hours, and this was a huge thing for me, only the second time ever I have been snorkling. Swam a long way and saw beautiful reefs and absolutely loved it. Wetsuit experience was nice, those things work really well at keeping you warm and it is a somewhat funky feeling against the skin too. First day I did not have one and I think my lips were blue for hours after becoming seriously cold!

Mark and I shot quite a few photos and we had some good luck and bad luck. Beautiful clouds on the first day but not enough sunshine. Second day Mark is kicking me awake (takes a bit of work) at 5am asking me if I want to come for the sunrise shoot. Having slept about 5 hours I mumble a long “ehhhhhhh” followed by a “ehhh…….yes”. I jump in the True North tender boat and Mark steers us towards the lighthouse for a sunrise shoot. I am barely awake and have not brought shoes. Good decision for rock walking when one’s feet is not exactly leather yet! Happy I got up though, we capture images from dawn to after sunrise and these are my two favourite Rottnest images:

Rottnest lighthouse dawn - blog

It looked nice as well when the sun peaked up over the horizon but this is more dramatic. Quiet calm dawn with gorgeous big clouds.

And after sunrise this enormous cloud covered 180 degrees of the sky. After a bit of Lightroom work, mostly warming the cloud a lot, it yielded a very dramatic image which I like a lot:

Rottnest lighthouse cloud - blog

You can see a few more of my Rottnest images by going to my News gallery, click here: www.flemmingbojensen.com/new

Cheers Mark for a brilliant weekend, thanks for showing us “your” island!


12 thoughts on “Rottnest Island with True North Mark

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  1. casey smith 11 years ago

    Awesome cloud formation Albert, that little bit of blue you left is perfect.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      thanks heaps Casey! Can't take all the credit, actually goes to my friend Signe as it was her idea to warm the cloud, keep the blues.

  2. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    Looks like you nailed the cloud Bo!

    Well done mate. I'll have to go back and see if I have anything that will compare.

    It was good to meet you and to show you my favorite playground.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thanks Mark, glad ya like it. We were thrilled to visit your playground!

      (perhaps the cloud image you shot with me in it is awesome hehehe)

  3. muzz 11 years ago

    I would like to be able to take shots like these while wide awake, let alone half asleep. You've captured Rotto differently to the usual bright colours but they work really well.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thanks very much Muzz, I am glad you like it. I do think I often bring a different (not saying better just different) eye to a place.

  4. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    I am sure the subject matter of the famous Bo in it will get it over the line for a big tick!

    I will get onto it tonight and post it!

  5. Stephen Williams 11 years ago

    nice Flem- as mentioned above you've captured it in a different way. incredible cloud formation you got there! 🙂

  6. Tony Middleton 11 years ago

    hi Flem,
    Now there is some great looking water in the dawn shot ! Looks like a nice spot for a snorkel too 🙂

    tone (-:

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Hi Tone and thanks mate ! Pretty much all of Rotto is prime for snorkeling and diving I think – such clear beautiful water!