I am now in my 5th month of travelling and suddenly find myself in Los Angeles! I was in Kuala Lumpur and really needed a new plan and continent. Since Malaysia Airlines fly direct KL to LA it seemed like the thing to do! After 17 hours of flying (with a short stopover in Taiwan) and crossing the dateline I took off Monday afternoon in Kuala Lumpur and landed here Monday evening. Longest Monday ever! There is in reality a 15 hour time difference, something which my body is not agreeing with resulting in a jetlag like no other. I sleep all day and am awake all night.

A US roadtrip has been a dream of mine for a long time, and it begins Thursday as I leave Los Angeles behind and take off for the Mojave desert and Joshua Tree National Park. From there I shall explore California, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. At least. Or perhaps I should say hopefully. Australia was insanely expensive but this is looking worse! I may need to rob a few banks along the way, Dillinger style. Hey it is for a good cause!

Much more to come as I get this USA show on the road. I also have in mind a bit of an update on the life of a ‘nomadic’ photographer. Stay tuned.


17 thoughts on “In Simpsons Country

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  1. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    Good luck Mr. Nomad!

    Looking fwd to seeing some images from the US of A!

    A tip for the jet lag. Go for a long walk at about 2000 hrs in the evening and resist the want to go to bed early.

    The walk will get the blood flowing properly after the long flight and it will also relax you and make you tired so that you sleep when you should do!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thanks Mark! Funny you mention that tip for jetlag as that is exactly what I do – and did. Got here at 8pm, went for a long walk, waited untill midnight to go to bed…then lay awake all night in the darkness listening to music my body absolutely refusing deep sleep. Same thing repeated itself last night. Wonder what happens tonight. So I walk around all day like a Zombie, bloodshot eyes and looking somewhat freaky and scary (well that just means I fit in with the rest of LA!)

  2. Di Godson 11 years ago

    Keep the blogs going and bon voyage. Sounds like an awesome trip ahead. Di

  3. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    BTDT mate!

    Time will fix it but it might take a week or so now that the pattern has taken ahold!

    Try some Camomile tea before bed!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      BTDT ????? and camomile tea, come on mate, coffee and plenty of it keeps this engine running 🙂

  4. Beau Mitchell 11 years ago

    Sounds like fun, mate. Looking forward to reading about and seeing some images from the US.

  5. André 11 years ago

    Now that's a big leap 🙂

    Certainly plenty to photograph in that part of the world too.

    For inspiration, look up Guy Tal when in that part of the world, some great photography and writings. http://www.guytal.com/

    I guess you won't be a surprise guest on the Karijini workshop 😉

    That dateline is a bugger but as Mark says, it will sort itself out. For me, plenty of sunshine does the trick, so be a zombie for a day.

    Don't forget the big piece of land north of the 49th parallel, once it defrost, great to visit and photograph.

    Safe travels.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      Thanks André for the link, I have seen his work before, will have another look.

      I have been a zombie for days, I know it will sort itself out as I am no stranger to jetlag – but it still really plays with my brain when it happens.

  6. truenorthmark 11 years ago

    'Been there, done that' = BTDT and no wonder you can't sleep if coffee is the drink of preference at night!

  7. Stephen Williams 11 years ago

    sheesh the Flembot has sprouted wings!
    you have fun- i'm sure you will once you get up and running again 🙂

    very much looking forward to what you manage in the deserts of the USA. monument valley, death valley have to be some incredible places that appear to be perfect for you 🙂

  8. William Ophuis 11 years ago

    Goodluck Flem, America has some awesome landscapes! "from what Ive seen in pics" hah also jetlag can be overcome by having quite a lot of drinks and passing out 🙂 lol.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      thanks very much William 🙂 Jetlag about gone now, what helped was getting out of LA and into the desert…that and time I guess as my body adjusted

  9. dan 11 years ago

    You can go far in the US Southwest if you camp at or around the US national parks. This is a great time of year to do it as well. By June it will be way to hot. Since you love sand dunes, make sure to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park in south central Colorado. It is a small US national park that is not visited by many but well worth a couple of nights. Check out my website for some pics of it if you are trying to make a decision about it.

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 11 years ago

      hey Dan, thanks! Great Sand Dunes National Park looks good – will definitely go if I end up in Colorado as well!