Wyadup Rocks at dusk

This afternoon was magical and probably the highlight of our whole trip. The problem is the experience was so great and the light so awesome that not one of my images come close to capturing the real thing. Actually my friend shot the best sunset shot of the day on her compact camera, just a perfect composition with brilliant timing. And here’s me with equipment worth 50 times as much getting my ass kicked. It’s never the camera, it’s the photographer! I still have a few sunsets shot that I am working on and will post sometime soon if I ever get those raw files the way I want them (I wish you could change composition in Lightroom, how cool would that be! A slider to move left and right!).  For now here is one of my very last shots at dusk. Not entirely happy with the composition but it will have to do because I can’t very well re-shoot this now. It is a single 17mm shot cropped, let me know if you think this works:

wyadup rocks at dusk - blog

7 Comments on “Wyadup Rocks at dusk”

  1. This is an awesome sunset picture. Love the light reflection off the water.
    How is your trip in USA going, Di

  2. Non too bad Bo!

    Perhaps try just a little motion blur on the water?

    Not too much just a tad…could make all the difference?

    1. Thanks mate. I will try your suggestion see what happes, but think I will leave the water as is, I like it to have definition and not be too blurry. Long exposure water looks a bit boring to my eyes sometimes.

  3. I personally find motion blur on image especially the water quite unnatural. I try to do it all in camera with the use of different strength ND filters to get the required shutter speed.

    Maybe as Mark said a small amount in the background to match the movement of the foreground. Trial and Error I guess.

    1. Sorry my dear friend, you cannot play ENYA on our Wyadup beach even if it is just subconciously 🙂 This was a dramatic afternoon with huge waves and strong winds it calls for something majestic and dramatic. Enya would drown in a second 🙂

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