New Mexico, Land of Enchantment

Land of Enchantment is the state of New Mexico’s ‘slogan’ and I am inclined to agree. New Mexico really is home to some enchanting landscapes. I have already blogged about White Sands National Monument and for the past week I have been driving around New Mexico through spectacular wide open spaces, visiting small villages (and a UFO museum at Roswell!), seeing the town of Lincoln (Billy the Kid) and capturing gigabytes of photos. Some of the cities like Alamogordo and Socorro can be very boring, just main strips with motels and fast food chains, but get out into the landscapes and this state is magnificient. It is hard to do justice to these beautiful endless spaces in a photo.

I am saving most of my US work for my new upcoming website (this July/August) but I have quickly developed a few from New Mexico attempting to show the New Mexico spaces. Now this is probably mostly personal work, I guess for most people this sort of work is too much "nothingness" but for me I love the wide open spaces and shooting into the horizon. Notice also that somehow I am starting to find that man-made objects can add interest and contrast to landscapes. The road, the barbed wire fence and so on.

New Mexico plains - blog

New Mexico farm cloudscape - blog 

On the plains of San Agustin in New Mexico is where you find the Very Large Array and this will be the subject of my next post, I was very captivated by this place and spent many days and nights there.

10 Comments on “New Mexico, Land of Enchantment”

  1. Bottom image for me!. Gives a real sense of space that you were going for.
    Maybe the man-made objects have made there way into the top shot as your getting like fletch and only walking a few steps from the car haha 🙂

  2. glad to see your travels are still gonig well flemming
    beautiful photo, i especially like the cloud formations & colours in the first photo

  3. Flemming,

    Love the shots and the wide open spaces! I take photos very much like that when I go out to the SW. Glad you are enjoying NM and you trip. Where to next?


  4. Not to be a nag but I still think you would enjoy Great Sand Dunes NP in southern Colorado. Very high dunes (much bigger than White Sands) set in a valley of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It really is worth the time and photo experience!


    1. Hi Dan. I am now in Arizona, have spent 3 days in Holbrook and no spending a few days in Sedona then heading up to Utah. I am sure the Great Sand Dunes NP is amazing but I will have to save it for next time! Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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