Abstract Antelope Canyons

It has been another week of wonders. From driving a Jeep Wrangler with big off road tires to the otherworldly ethereal Playa Racetracks in Death Valley to following in the footsteps of John Muir, Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is simply staggeringly beautiful. Even with all the tourists and hefty price tags on accommodation and Glacier Point being closed meaning I missed the pano shot I really, really wanted. Still, Yosemite is too beautiful for words. Not one of the famous iconic images prepared me for how tall and impressive the granite walls of El Capitan and Half Dome are. Yosemite is also becoming far too popular and busy but that’s for another post.

Today’s image is something a little different from my grandscapes. I spent quite a few days in Page, Arizona as I really liked that area. Page is right next to Lake Powell but also well known for the slot canyons. There are two easily accessible, Upper and Lower, and they’re quite different and both worth exploring. I got some great light beam shots in the better known Upper but today’s image is from Lower Antelope canyon, which is not as good for light beams but much better for some abstract images with gorgeous reflected sunlight on the walls of the very narrow Lower Antelope Canyon. The longer exposures you do the better as you pick up more reflected sunlight and enhance the beautiful colours on the canyon walls:

Slot canyon - blog. Flemming Bo Jensen

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  1. Way cool Flemming, a new spin on a photographic icon, I like the tighter composition, since meeting Mr Hewitt I'm liking the tighter compositions, maybe it's a portraiture thing. I'm rediscovering detail.

  2. It is indeed like fire, with a sense of movement through the centre of the image. I have no sense of scale – I want to reach out and touch it, it's a very nice image.

  3. oohhhh, you're teasing us by telling us all of those places you've been to.
    get off the road you selfish man and post some images! 😛 haha.

    fantastic Flem, as already covered you managed an awesome range in light there.

  4. Thanks everyone, glad you like it. These canyons are gorgeous and you would think shooting here is like catching fish in a barrel – easy enough to get a good shot, but a great one requires a lot of work to find a spot with the right light and lines etc. Walk very slowly back and forth and it will come to you hehe. Lots of fun! This one caught my eye due to the strong reflected sunlight like fire.

  5. Hej Flemming,

    Dens en fantastisk billede og jeg er virkelig jaloux, at du er nødt til at gå der. Linjerne er sublime og farverne er bare fantastisk. Hold fantastiske fotos kommende jeg virkelig at nyde dem.


  6. Hej Flemming
    "Fire" – Dér fik du mig til at reagere. For fanden hvor er det godt!
    Efter min mening er et billede godt, når man kan blive ved med at se på, og opdage nye detaljer. Og sådan oplever jeg "Fire".
    Jeg har jo med stor fornøjelse fulgt med dig på kloden, fra side linien.
    Alle gode hilsener til dig!
    Hilsen Jim
    Use Google Translate if you want this local tribal language translated 🙂

  7. Very nice shot Flemming ,
    this was one location I didnt get a chance on visiting when I was over in the US really would have loved to though mabye next time

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