These waves are all around us now

These waves. Crashing ashore. Crash. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Crash. Another one. Slow rolling surfer waves crashing ashore. A hypnotic rhythm. The waves, the sun, the sand, the sounds, the feeling of walking barefoot on sand and the smell of the ocean. It all adds up to a deeply healing and calming experience. Brain waves in sync with the oceanic waves.

I am in Monterey, California and I have spent the whole day sitting on the beach staring at the ocean. I had plans to photograph Big Sur but my feet steered me here and many miles down the beach. No one is here. Just me and some great waves. Just the right rhythm. Have to be the right beach with the right waves to create the rhythm. I see board surfers further down the beach. This is hypnotic. I have not written a word all day, not shot one image nor listened to music. Also forgot to bring food and water. I just stared at the waves. I fell asleep on the beach. I woke up and stared some more. Yes this is second nature for you lucky ones on the WA coast, but I was late to discover the drug called the ocean. I am now a serious addict and must, simply must live on a west coast some day.

I did capture images from the coastline driving up Highway 1 a few days ago. A thick morning fog created some lovely shots where the fog blanketed the cliffs on this gorgeous California coast. This is a very quick preview, shot using my 100-400mm lens as the view point is quite far away. Hard to do a good composition when gravity would not work in my favor if I stepped over the edge. I think this image may end up in black and white if I use it at all, have a feeling it would work well.

cliffs in the mist - blog

Yosemite was my final US photo mission. Now I am mostly staring at waves and relaxing before a plane next week takes me from San Fran to some location called Copenhagen. Summer with friends and lots of work developing thousands of RAW files and getting my new website done is the plan. Lots more to come.

PS. Huge street credits if you can spot the origin of the title of this post! Don’t google cheat! And I want the album it’s famous for.

10 Comments on “These waves are all around us now”

  1. I love that amazinf fog that just rolls in on the coast. Are you planning on hitting San Francisco at all? (though I imagine it would be a little cold for your taste)

    1. Yeah that fog seemed alive!

      I will hit San Francisco for a day or two even though I am tempted to just stay here and drive straight to the airport! But I will see a bit of SF for a day or two, maybe get me a shot of that bridge!

  2. It certainly is a moody image Flem, I like it and the water colour. Our WA friends are not the only ones living by the rhythm of the ocean. I am fortunate to live upon cliffs lining a majestic coastline overlooking the awe inspiring Bass Strait. depending on the time of the year the sun can rise or set over the water. My sister and Brother in law are over in Denmark atm for family reasons… Apparently it is still rather cold there. Enjoy the rest of your oceanic dreaming my friend 🙂

  3. Congratulations on completing your trip. I have enjoyed your photos and writing. You have been very inspirational to an amateur yet aspiring photographer. I look forward to your website!

  4. Hi Flemming,

    Obviously, I'm a great fan of anything with water in it and I love this shot. Great detail and that fog makes for a great shot. Is that a little archway I can see in the small island? How cool is that?


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