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I have blogged about James Price Point several times before, recent post from March is here. Thankfully, thanks to the campaigns to save the Kimberley and James Price Point and a recent Four Corners program on Australia’s ABC; the debate about the proposed LNG gas complex project is on again. You can watch the Four Corners show online here, highly recommended as there are some great interviews and new information. Do read Christian Fletcher’s post as well.

Wilderness Society in Australia is running a new multimedia campaign, you can visit here and please support by adding a message. We are not just trying to save James Price Point, we are trying to save the entire wild pristine Kimberley area and wildlife from being destroyed forever by becoming a built up industrialised area. Most people realise that the gas development needs to happen in some way, we all need energy. I am no saint myself, far from it, I travel a lot so I unfortunately pollute more than most people, and that is quite a shameful fact. But we want everyone in charge to realise there is already a huge infrastructure in the Pilbara’s which can be utilised. We do not want the remarkable, the spectacular Kimberley coast ruined, there are alternatives and public pressure can hopefully change the decision and pipe the gas to the Pilbara. If you can and like, please help save the Kimberley!

I will end this short post with another of my images created at James Price Point. This is almost straight out of camera, just a bit of levels and sharpening. I left the image as is to show the natural beauty of this place, at low tide this is really what you can expect at James Price Point:

remarkable james price point - blog

I have also updated my James Price Point video:

Images of James Price Point, Australia from Flemming Bo Jensen on Vimeo.


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21 Comments on “Help protect the pristine Kimberley”

  1. Beautiful images Flemming. It's obviously a complex issue, I just hope the fat cats in charge consider the impact their plans will have on the environment, and do as much as they can to preserve the natural beauty up there.

    1. Cheers Joanna, yes it's complex of course, no black and white but still should be fairly bloody straight forward to use existing facilities and not build another mega huge complex ruining the Kimberley.

  2. Super work Flem.

    I always find it awkward from a personal point. As you know i'm a huge lover of our country, world and it's natural beauty. And would like nothing more then it to be preserved completely.

    Yet at the same time, I know the need for some expansion (even though I don't agree with the fact that the population must grow at such and such a percent each year to sustain growth and financial expansion of ridiculous levels), and I am actually involved in this expansion to a small extent with my work. Which pays my bills, enables me to travel to more places, and is enabling me to take the big step of moving to the Pilbara for a while.

    But my work, is a small member of Wesfarmers, which is heavily, heavily involved in mining. And my immediate business supplies these same mines, with most products, supplies, maintenance items etc.

    However with that said, I do not agree at all with the fact that they would destroy part of (with the risk of so much more being destroyed) a pristine, untouched area. When as pointed out in your writing, there is already existing infrastructure in Karatha, Port Hedland, and other smaller towns up there that could be expanded with a much smaller impact on the environment.

    So I always find myself in the weird spot where I'm very much against it all, but not against it enough to be strong enough, and not be any part of it at all. If that makes any sense haha.
    I hope to one day be in a position where I can stop contradicting myself. 🙂

    1. Hi Stephen, cheers mate. Thanks for adding your input to this.

      As Joanna stated this is a complex issue for sure as you well describe it too. We need energy, we need jobs, pay the bills etc. Nothing wrong about this, except we must remember to all strive for better more efficient sustainable energy and protect our planet. I occassionally fall into the "all human activity is evil, we are ruining Mother Earth" mood but I know when I regain my sense it's such a complex issue and I guess I would complain as much as anyone if my next plane had pedals at every seat and was purely human powered (would be fun to try though!).

      Protecting what little wilderness we have left should be straightforward though! We must look further than the next election term, we must consider the future and leave hope for the next generations, not a world that's worse off!

      1. yeah that's it- the good ol "everything is good in moderation". and i don't know what your government is like but here seems nothing more advanced then grade one students- so not much chance of looking beyond the election term.

        and are you serious about the pedal plane!!??
        man have you not seen half of the human race!?
        they struggle walking up stairs let alone pedaling enough for a plane 😛 hahaha

        1. Hehe. Yes, for some people it seems the escalator is the pinnacle of human exploration and innovation. "Yes, finally, the ability to get up stairs without walking, my life is complete!" Would do these people some good to ride in a pedal powered plane (3P) !

  3. Great pics. I spent a year working in the Kimberely when I left Uni, back in 1984. We were doing diamond exploration, flying around in helicopters and camping out in some of the most amazing landscapes in the world….and we were always very careful to leave the area exactly the way we found it.
    I have been dying to get back there ever since.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment! Leave nothing but footprints, glad to hear you took care in preserving the Kimberley. Not much beats camping out in the Kimberleys! I have been fortunate enough to drive the Gibb River Road 3 times, very lucky, spectacular wilderness.

  4. Your passion for the natural world and the Australian landscape is unquestionable Flembob. Whilst it is an incredibly hard topic and juggling act but I know which outcome loses out most of the time – the environment ! I often think "do we have to spoil everything, everywhere ?! " I guess part of that is human nature.. If only more voters in this country could connect and relate.
    tone 🙂

    1. Thanks very much Tone! Yeah I fall into the same "why must we ruin everything" thought now and then. There's still hope. Tiny bit of light at the end of that tunnel, but we're rather busy dimming that light presently.

  5. It is interesting how much complacency there is in the populace now. Given the financial/economic issues, environmental, global warming, lack of a decent energy policy or lousy insurance at high costs, unemployment, etc. there should be pitchforks in the streets demanding changes for the common man…. but we have global level complacency and big money gets what they want by and large. Strange times. I think democracy as was envisioned when our countries were started is not functioning very well. We used to have more grassroots level citizen participation decades ago and now voting turnouts are abysmally low. In the 60's we had civil unrest to right the wrongs of the time and now we have complacency and little sense of responsibility…. sigh….

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  7. Hi Flemming,

    I’m from the University of Canberra and I was wondering if I could use your photograph of James Price Point in one of my assessments. It won’t be re-printed or distributed. It will be used in my mock up of a PR campaign backgrounder regarding the proposed LNG project.


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