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Further and Further: Flemming’s Edge of the World

“It’s Earth but not as you know it”

A mind-blowing photography and travel documentary featuring otherworldly ethereally beautiful landscapes from the Edge of our World presented in awe-inspiring HD video, still images, time lapse and raw emotional documentary sequences. Hosted by your favourite nomad Flemming Bo Jensen and created by renowned documentary filmmaker Charlene Winfred of C Productions. Watch this space for further updates.


20 thoughts on “Further and Further: Flemming’s Edge of the World

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  1. Me 9 years ago

    this is a hoax ALbert….. and if its not, get me a start ! !

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Rodney mate how can you say that to my face…well my blog!!! While this banner may be done slightly tongue in cheek there is a real possibility of this happening mate!

      1. Rod Thomas 9 years ago


        It's all good mate, you know I was only joking rite ? and I could never say this to your face, coz ur massif and would crush me instantly…
        Enjoy PNG mate, you will love it, but I go a feeling NZ will be awesome as well…. when we doing cake again with Chief SO ?

        1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

          haha, yes I know you were joking matey, no wukkers! NZ will be fantastic, I wish I could do both. Indeed we must arrange CAKE2 soon.

  2. True North Mark 9 years ago

    Looking fwd to the show there Waytogobo!

    Looks like that horizons on the piss or is that an 'optical illusion'!!!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Cheers Mark, it will be prime time TV ! And I am standing on the Edge of the World (with two moons so not as we know it) so of course it's quite steep, there's a big drop off into nothingness just to the left of this!

  3. Beau 9 years ago

    Haha, nice!

  4. Charlene 9 years ago

    Hell yeah!

    National Geographic, here we come!

  5. Markus 9 years ago

    FBJ and NG converges and general awesomeness ensues…rock on, Beavis, looking forward to a taste of things to come

  6. Stephen Williams 9 years ago

    hehe, nice work Flembot.
    cool portrait of you though- i'll let you know I turned my screen so Oz couldn't see you're cheating on her though…. 😛

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      Cheers mate – not cheating on Oz at all although I can no longer be a one country man 🙂 will become clear when we release first series!

  7. Christian 9 years ago

    the good thing about an Eizo monitor is you can tilt it to correct on the piss horizons. Came in handy for this one. Mate I always knew you would be a movie star! Wow is the moon really that big in the US? Luke had an unusually large moon in his pic too!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 9 years ago

      I was made for the big screen I think.
      Not only is the moon huge in Death Valley, there are two of them…Area 51 rules! That tilt monitor of yours explains those horizons you put up mate 😀

  8. Fletch 9 years ago

    haha Flemming, you can show me how to level it up on True North!

  9. Tony Middleton 9 years ago

    I won't venture in to the discussion about Flemming and his moons… But the concept of this doco sounds fun and inspiring !