Further and Further: Flemming’s Edge of the World



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Further and Further: Flemming’s Edge of the World

“It’s Earth but not as you know it”

A mind-blowing photography and travel documentary featuring otherworldly ethereally beautiful landscapes from the Edge of our World presented in awe-inspiring HD video, still images, time lapse and raw emotional documentary sequences. Hosted by your favourite nomad Flemming Bo Jensen and created by renowned documentary filmmaker Charlene Winfred of C Productions. Watch this space for further updates.

20 Comments on “Further and Further: Flemming’s Edge of the World”

      1. Albert,

        It's all good mate, you know I was only joking rite ? and I could never say this to your face, coz ur massif and would crush me instantly…
        Enjoy PNG mate, you will love it, but I go a feeling NZ will be awesome as well…. when we doing cake again with Chief SO ?

    1. Cheers Mark, it will be prime time TV ! And I am standing on the Edge of the World (with two moons so not as we know it) so of course it's quite steep, there's a big drop off into nothingness just to the left of this!

  1. FBJ and NG converges and general awesomeness ensues…rock on, Beavis, looking forward to a taste of things to come

  2. the good thing about an Eizo monitor is you can tilt it to correct on the piss horizons. Came in handy for this one. Mate I always knew you would be a movie star! Wow is the moon really that big in the US? Luke had an unusually large moon in his pic too!

    1. I was made for the big screen I think.
      Not only is the moon huge in Death Valley, there are two of them…Area 51 rules! That tilt monitor of yours explains those horizons you put up mate 😀

  3. I won't venture in to the discussion about Flemming and his moons… But the concept of this doco sounds fun and inspiring !

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