“I like your landscapes but you know, the most interesting landscape of all is the human face”. A friend of mine, a Danish writer, told me this a few years ago. Being completely obsessed by untouched wide open spaces in nature at the time I politely disagreed. I now see what he meant.

Cambodia offered everything from candid portraits and street photography to very posed portraits with our monk friends and I practiced my passion of people photography as much as possible. Possibly my least favourite style is the straight on looking into the camera portrait but it was sometime inevitable after having engaged in conversation and asked in Khmer if I could take a photo. It also tested me greatly personally in getting as close as possible to my subject to capture the ‘landscape of the face’. The face of this Khmer woman tells a tale or two and was captured extremely up close and personal, quite a new slightly scary thing for me in this exploration of the landscapes of the human face. The image is not exceptional I find but a great exercise in close up portraits:



My guide in Cambodia was Nathan Horton – looking for a great photographer to guide you in Cambodia, Nathan Horton Photography comes highly recommended.


7 thoughts on “Khmer landscapes of the face

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  1. Lee Duguid 10 years ago

    Great tones, DOF, and detail. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Matt saul 10 years ago

    Love it Flemming! really natural, really makes you think about what she could be thinking about. You try and take your eyes away from hers and look at something else, but you cant..really good!!

      1. Matt saul 10 years ago

        Really? you called it Khmer Woman? and its looks like a woman ?

        you playing games haha?

        1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

          argh sorry, hah, you are totally right of course, I was replying to your comment but thinking of the new image I just posted…brain all mixed up, must now log off.