During a village visit with Nathan Horton, I had just asked this boy in what little khmer language I had learned if I could take his photo. He shook his head and ran away. I hoped he could not resist looking back at this alien visitor and kept my camera on him, allowing me to capture a nice candid moment when curiosity got the better of him. These villages are an entire world of their own. Only a short walk away from the road from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap you find these universes where you feel like you stepped back in time and entered another dimension. One becomes as curious as the boy to explore every house and meet the great, smiling and curious khmer people of the village.

cambodia-curious boy

Nathan Horton, Photographer and Guide in Cambodia

I wanted to maximize my chances of getting outstanding and unique images from Cambodia and having never been before and being on a tight schedule I decided to look for a resident photographer who could guide me. I hired Nathan Horton, who has been living in Phnom Penh for 4 years and we had an excellent time travelling and shooting in Cambodia. Not only did Nathan take me to all the right places, he also made impossible images possible for me. Nathan being friends with some of the monks for instance allowed us to use them as ‘models’ in Angkor Wat, one of the funniest and best days of shooting I have ever had. If you’re looking for a great photography guide in Cambodia, I highly recommend Nathan Horton.

PS. We did an impromptu stop at a traditional Cambodian wedding to get a few shots and ended up dancing with the guests to the tunes of the band belting out songs. (Un)fortunately no images exists of this fun event!

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      1. I'll swap ya on those days. I've never been an alien and I'm guessing you've never been a girl, so that should wig us both out some! 😀

  1. Hey Flemming, i've not visited for a while and you have added a heap of great stuff on Cambodia, i've been enjoying your stories and loving the imagery. I especially like this one of the little boy looking back, i think you have captured a unique moment.

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