Vispasana Centre in Cambodia

Previously featured in my post Golden Temple, the Vispasana Centre is quite the stunning sight. With my guide Nathan Horton we spent some time here capturing the monks and nuns at work. This particular monk caught our eye with his striking features and a face reminiscent of the San bushmen of Namibia and Botswana. I captured many portraits of him, my only regret is I do not have an extreme close up of his face. Here he is descending the steps of the large Vispasana “golden” temple:


This image features only subtle Photoshop work. I have desaturated the colours slightly, and used curves with masks to brighten and add contrast to the monks face and body. I processed this image onboard True North and my fellow musketeer David Bettini remarked that it had National Geographic magazine quality. Thanks very much my friend, and yes I feel too this would not look out of place with a yellow border and perhaps I should explore this possibility. I look forward to my next opportunity for capturing travel images like these, building up a new portfolio of people/ethno photography. Oh and NG, just letting you know, I am available, always!

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  1. Yes he is a great figure of a man…has lots of power like a warrior, yet is also balanced on one foot which also gives him a kind of delicacy. Hope you got more shots of him – the right one in the right place could get your 'cause' some special attention ! Way to go, Bo !

    1. Hence the word Cambodia in the title there Markie 🙂 Seriously he was there, when we got stuck up the creek caught by the tide we went exploring for a bit and voila…buddhist temple! Never would have guessed!

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