IntenseDebate – Trekkie or Jedi ?

I am testing the IntenseDebate comment system. It allows some cool features, users are automatically logged in, you can log in with other profiles like Facebook. It looks and works differently though. Help me test by replying to this question: Star Trek or Star Wars? (or both or none at all). I like Star Trek, but am very much a Jedi at heart.

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  1. A new test. I liked this comment by Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory

    "Clone wars the animated series. No I won't watch it, I haven't seen the movie yet. I want to be disappointed in the order Lucas intended"

    There are 3 Star Wars movies, only 3 and the special editions versions + ep 1,2,3 are brain meltdown bad Mr. Lucas!

  2. I was not too fixed on the Star Wars series. I did identify with the Jedi since he does look so much like a guru I had named Nityanand – who has to be a 'patron saint' in the state of Maharastra in India. You will see a dashboard picture
    or puja setup of Nityanand in most every taxi you get into in Mumbai!

  3. YODA – oh yeah with the pointy ears….nearly always presented as a kind of martial arts magician in the S. wars series…Nityanand(a) could take the form of a cat and would come back to scold those who abused him in that form. He was generally silent and pretty much indifferent to the ego-based struggles of people…he could only laugh and laugh at that level of interaction…hope you get to meet him soon !

  4. I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs for a decade and a half. I'm almost (but only almost) to the stage where I can quote things without realising it ("Eat any good books lately?" Q to Worf). This is kind of scary given I have the memory of a goldfish. However I am just a passenger on the fervor train that Dan watches both Trek and Wars with though. There's just more of Trek to watch.

    Sometimes I don't get to watch any Trek for *gasp* weeks on end. But like Q, it always pops back into my consciousness when I think I might go a whole month without being subjected to it.

    "Au contraire mon capitan…. heeeeeeeee's BACK"

    1. I never had an opportunity to watch any Star Trek as a kid. Had I, I would have surely become a die-hard trekkie. No Star Trek on Danish TV. In my early 20s a friend taped (VHS, kids!) ST:TNG for me for a season or two, I really liked that show. That and a few of the movies (I like the 2009 Star Trek) are the sad extent of my Star Trek knowledge. Now, it just seems there too much to dig into and too many other interesting shows to watch.

      IntenseDebate does seem quite cool. Great backend as well, which is why I am testing it. All moderation can be done via email, and I can reply to a comment via email as well, handy for iphone use.

  5. The original Star Trek was in the same cheesy awesomeness as the early Doctor Who! The 3 original Star Wars movies are timeless,especially when you see how they were made. The follwing 3 were good and put the story into context. Love 'em all!

    1. Hi Tim. I must admit I find the new Star Wars ep 1,2,3 to be appallingly, insultingly bad. A pain to watch, George Lucas had a brain meltdown and in my book there are only 3 Star Wars movies, the original three.

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