Star stuff

“We are made of star stuff” – the late great Carl Sagan. We are indeed. The very molecules of our body are traceable to the beginning of our galaxy, we are atomically connected to the universe. Very cool is it not. Bringing me to this image:


A few weeks ago I had a sleepless night. I watched Watchmen and Contact (remarkably good but book is better) and I created a planet in Photoshop, the above composite. I borrowed the Earth from NASA. I added a foreground from Death Valley, an orange dusk light and mountain from Namibia and sprinkled it with the stars from Very Large Array (where most of Contact takes place) in New Mexico and created the grossly scientifically inaccurate ‘Star Stuff’. Unfortunately it probably will be the closest I will ever get to witnessing the Earth as a pale blue dot from space.

“The sky calls to us
If we do not destroy ourselves
We will one day venture to the stars” – Carl Sagan

13 Comments on “Star stuff”

  1. now thats a pretty cool result form watching those 2 movies on a sleeples night. Nice creation !

      1. Heinleins wrote Starship Troopers and is probably the keenest observer of the somewhat inhuman and militaristic undertone in space exploration.

        However I think his Stranger in a Strange Land will be right up your alley 🙂

  2. amazing man, really amazing work. you got the result you were chacing perfectly in my opinion. and don’t give up yet, they will need a photographer to accompany the first people to mars. and as the traveling nomad Flembot you would obviously be their first choice! 😀

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