I have been shooting all day long with Christian Fletcher in the South Western corner of Australia and we have been capturing mankind vs. nature. Altered landscapes, deforestation, mines and general carnage and destruction were our preferred subjects. Presently we are on a processing fire, here is a real fire from Balingup. I also had the pleasure of shooting with the Fuji X100, awesome camera, more on that later. This is my good old (presently temperamental malfunctioning) Canon 5D Mk II:

cf-wa-balingup smoke


11 thoughts on “Balingup Power line smoke

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  1. Charlene 10 years ago

    Is that your excuse for getting the precious – the trusty old Mk II getting grouchy on you? 😉

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      I need no excuse, I want the precious I shall have the precious ;D – 5D or my 24-105 lens need a pit stop, hyper drive is broken, it works 50% of the time 🙁

      1. Charlene 10 years ago

        Mmmmmmmm precious….. give its to us raw and wrrrriggling!

  2. Christian Fletcher 10 years ago

    better than mine so everyone will love it!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Thanks brother 🙂 Everyone seems indifferent to it mate, must mean I should try harder and get more ‘nups’ !

  3. Ash 10 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this post. good luck.

  4. Stephen Williams 10 years ago

    remarkably not a bad result. not the normal thing i’d go for but it works for me 🙂

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Awesome mate, as the piece of art it is, it can be yours for only 50 grand, one time print only 🙂