After experiencing time slowed down to a crawl in airports and airplanes I am back home on my other side of the planet in my other life. Copenhagen or as it’s properly named; København. I really love being home after nearly 7 months away. Multi-cultural multi-coloured multi-flavoured København is my favourite city in the world. The weather does not agree with me but I love my friends here and the city.

copenhagen-bridge-bicycles copenhagen-street-bike

These polaroid’ed snapshots are not much, but was captured yesterday on my new ‘precioussss’, the Fuji X100, thanks to my secret pusher. Much more to come about this amazing digital rangefinder camera and my other projects once I have slept a week or so.

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  1. Kobenhavn, translated into Crowbar Haven?

    Glad you arrived home safely, mate. Now if it could only warm up to the temperatures you are used to in WA!

    1. Crowbar Haven, hehe, now that is a weird name for a city, yes we do stock a better supply of crowbars than anywhere else on the planet 🙂 No it does not translate directly, here’s the explanation:

      The city’s origin as a harbour and a place of commerce is reflected in its name. Its original designation, from which the contemporary Danish name is derived, was Køpmannæhafn, meaning “merchants’ harbour” or “buyer’s haven”. The English name for the city is derived from its Low German name, Kopenhagen. The element hafnium is also named for Copenhagen, whose Latin name is Hafnia,[12] derived from the city’s original name, Hafnæ (“harbour”).

      Yes, I must find a way to introduce sub-tropical temperatures to Denmark!

  2. If they were wearing more lycra they would look just like Christian and his riding buddies in Dunsborough.

  3. I’m with Muzz…where’s the Lycra dude…especially on the cutie in the shadows!

    Didn’t see much else in that shot…can’t understand why!

    Even though you are enjoying being home, I am sure you are missing Polaris!

    1. We do not wear quite as much lycra here as Christian does, we are a bit more trendy here in hip Copenhagen 😉 The cutie in the shadows is a Bill Henson trick you know, just have a tiny bit of image info in the dark shadows to intrique the mind 🙂

      Polaris, Freo, South Beach, all you guys and our fun adventures at Rotto – I miss life on water like crazy! But I’ll be back 🙂

  4. Hey Flemming,

    I love the expression on the guy riding the red bike and his hip clothes are out there. 3/4 jeans with red shoes? Not sure we are cool enough to wear that here. lol.


    1. Heh, that’s quite common, I only noticed him now you point him out. He’s quite subdued and stylish, matching red bike and shoes. Yes Copenhagen can be very hip, trendy and cool, great fun at times, too much at times.

  5. What, no tug boat pictures? That’ll REALLY get me revving on the green factor – the precious, Copenhagen, and tug boats.

    I might die of a heart attack. Just so you know 😉

  6. For crying out loud! Flemming, you have been “home” for like – what? -20 minutes. And the first pics from your favorite place Queen Louises Bridge is on the web. Don’t you ever rest, don’t you ever stop breathing photography 🙂 Welcome home!

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