Is it alright to just post an image today and no story? I have no energy for creative storytelling presently so bear with me. In between coughing I am picking out and sequencing images for my two upcoming books. Cambodia gave me so many good pictures in a short time. Bathed in natural light, this is Thun the monk in the shadows of Angkor Wat. I attempted a Kodachrome look for this image, which has received very subtle post production.

cambodia-thun-monk-in-shadows angkor



10 thoughts on “Shadows of Angkor Wat

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  1. True North Mark 10 years ago

    Poor little fella! Sounds like you need a big dose of Lee’s Yak juice! It also sounds like you have that doosey cold that has been circulating around Perth for a while, so take it easy mate!

    See if you can get some Olive Leaf and Liquid Echinacea as we as some garlic tablets!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Thanks buddy, will go shopping for that. Been under the weather for more than a week, my body has gone completely crazy adjusting to this colder climate. I have discovered the human capacity for a runny nose is darn near endless.

  2. True North Mark 10 years ago

    Dang that sounds nasty dude! Get some Codral into you as well to keep control of the nose!

  3. Zane 10 years ago

    Yup, lots of Echinacea to boost the immune system. And lots of sleep too.

  4. Charlene 10 years ago

    It’s got a very film noirish feel despite the Kodachrome effect. Hope you get well soon mate. This bout’s been a long one. Not good at all!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Thanks C. Mostly I kept most of the saturation and I made the blacks very black so it’s a Kodachrome light look I guess 🙂 Feeling a bit better today, improving by a few percent everyday. My body has collapsed, very odd.

  5. tim Wootton 10 years ago

    Nice environmental portrait Flemming,peaceful. Fresh garlic and oranges will help sort out that lurgy!

  6. Sam Clark 10 years ago

    Hey Flemming, hope you are feeling better each day buddy… I’m out of action too, have hurt my back. Very annoying with so much creating to do… anyway, a time to stop and reflect I think!
    As always, loving your images 😀

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 10 years ago

      Hey Sam, thanks for your comment, sorry to hear about your back problems. Hope you are healing. I am slowly getting better, very slowly, but I will get there. All the best, Flemming