DiTL – Day in the Life of

Last year I had the pleasure of participating in Rear Curtain‘s DiTL – Day in the Life Of – project. Published two months ago, I am catching up on a backlog of stories from my blogging hiatus.

It was a very interesting and fun challenge to document a “day” in my life. My story is not a day but moments in my life at that particular time — captured while I visited Copenhagen in Summer 2011. Fuji X100, Canon 5D, iphone, anything I had on me was used to document moments. How to transform the moments that mean something to me into images was my main challenge and source of many a swear word. Images never come easy.

Thanks very much to the Rear Curtain crew, the awesome DiTL crew of Charlene Winfred (the excellent nag-in-chief!), Rad Deverala, Radek Kozak, Sharon Barnes and Thomas Schmidt.

Click the image to read my DiTL storyDo also read the other brilliant DiTL entries here.

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