Distortion. Fun. Anarchy. Joy. Freedom. Ripples in the surface of the regulated society. 3 days of street parties. Annual Distortion festival in Copenhagen. 100,000 people on the streets. DJs on the wheels of steel. Pumping those beats from sound systems in every main and side street. Smiles. Dancing. Laughter. Wild. Dirty. Life is allowed to be crazy for a few days. Get your kicks. Young and old. Digging the beats, the craziness, the fun, the Distortion. Love it. Little things catch my eye. Like this cool as a cat dude playing some wicked dub reggae beats out of his window from a ground level flat. Distortion. Anarchy. Raw joy. Love it. Addicted. Need more. Life without brakes.

…And here is a very good Distortion 2012 video

6 Comments on “Distortion”

  1. Life without the brakes indeed. Everyone needs to experience something like this at least once in a lifetime. Preferably often throughout a lifetime.

    So many of the little details in this photo catch my eye, tell a story of about the greater picture. The faces of the record sleeves on the walls and the real life faces reflecting them, wires snaking out from the speakers and seeming to vine around the deck. The abruptly “beheaded” potrait (assume it’s a record sleeve too) at the top of the frame and that bloom of a… curtain? tshirt? random rag? in the corner of a window. All elements of cool reggae cat life.

    And I do like the interruption of the window frame. The stand-back-and-watch-me-live-ness of it all.

    Y’all are too cool for any school 😉

    1. Well written comment my friend, gracias!. Actually that should be ‘tak min ven’. You are also spot on with all your observations of the lovely detail in the image. This was one very cool living room with the record sleeves and the cool dub reggae cats.

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