New portfolio and a redesigned website online

I have been busy tinkering with the hyperdrive on the Falcon, adding many new features. For the past month or so I have been redesigning and re-coding my website, now sporting a brand new portfolio section, drop down menus, new home page and general redesign — and some nice jQuery scripts which totally rocks.


The redesigned landing page, features a new slideshow showcasing a few of the portfolio images, drop down menu, and an automatically updated list of new blog posts. Images link to their respective portfolio stories.


I have long wanted to present some carefully selected portfolio featuring image essays — instead of my usual large galleries of images, where my favourites tend to get lost — and finally I can present the first few to you. Go to the Portfolio section and explore, there are presently 4 stories online — more to come as I create more image stories from my archive of favourite images.
You can click the arrows or use keyboard arrow keys to navigate.

A very big thank you to Charlene for Jedi power – your ideas and feedback were invaluable and awesome as always.
Go explore — more to come soon including a grid display of featured blog articles. Oh there’s a couple of new galleries online too, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia — but the best of these America del Sur images will also be featured soon in more portfolio stories.

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  1. Looks great little buddy! Well worth the effort and great to see something from you after a bit of a dry spell!

    I am sure all your fans will welcome the new look as well! 🙂

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