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WHERE COVER IS our new mini-movie starring Markus Hornum-Stenz and directed, edited, photographed and produced by Flemming Bo Jensen & Gregers Helskov Holm.

Watch fullscreen, lights out, turn the volume UP! And watch movie till the very end! Download original file for best quality. Music ‘Running’ remix by Lulu Rouge feat Gil Scott Heron. Thanks to Territorium Photography for loan of equipment.

Where Cover Is – behind the scenes

Filmed in 3 hours on a cold Saturday November evening in Copenhagen, on a Canon 5D Mk II with a 24-70 f/2.8 lens. With not much more than a broad idea in our heads of a Michael Mann like nightshoot of Copenhagen, my friend Gregers and I set out with one camera, one lens, one awesome buddy – Markus – and one awesome Mercedes to cruise around Copenhagen and shoot. Three super fun hours later we had a lot of footage and the next day I started hunting for the soundtrack. The brilliant Lulu Rouge soundtrack, once discovered, practically showed us the path for the story, the editing, the movie. Quite surreal how some of the sound effects completely fit into the movie (there is not one added sound effect in the movie, it is all in the awesome Lulu Rouge tuuuuuune). Some late night editing sesions later, and we’re proud to present Where Cover Is.
This has been a big high of creative fun and movie making and we are already planning the next movies. Stay tuned amigos!

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  1. It’s sort of reminiscent of the long car ride sequence in “Solaris” (the original that is). The same sense of vague unease or dread. Or, yes, Michael Mann – “Thief” comes to mind.

    Great trip – in several senses 🙂

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