Superheroine Charlene in Perth, Western Australia.

Night shots always makes me recite Rorschach: “This city is afraid of me…I have seen its true face”.



6 thoughts on “SuperHeroine

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  1. Charlene 7 years ago

    With that face, yeah, the city might well be afraid of me 😉

  2. Steve 7 years ago

    Yeah, Perth is probably afraid of its own reflection. What 30 years ago was a beautiful small city is now a homogenized wasteland which is far more like one of the Borg Cube Hives than anything else. At least Freo is still alive and kicking!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 7 years ago

      It is changing a lot right now thought, Perth, so much construction to create more parks, harbourfronts, spaces to enjoy the city etc. Will be interesting to see how it ends up. And yup, Freo is still cool!

  3. Charlie 7 years ago

    Charlene looks proper scary and given what we really know about her, thats proper funny!