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blog-cover2 Today I am in a swinging-headphones-over-my-head ecstatic mood! Why? Because at Coffee and Magic we have used Coffee, Magic & Awesomeness and made a new website – for me. Powered entirely by Coffee and Magic‘s custom WordPress wizardry, my new site’s main features are:

– It is build around my work and identity as a music photographer
– Showcases my music portfolio and music stories
– Features large image slideshows on frontpage and portfolios (please view the site in fullscreen for maximum effect)
– And is contemporary and responsive so it works on all platforms, phones, tablets etc. (this is a standard feature of all our Coffee & Magic sites)

Charlene, magician and head honcho of Coffee and Magic, came up with a truly kick ass design and user experience for my site and coded the responsiveness from scratch. I make the coffee, she makes the magic – every day. I am the luckiest time-traveler in the world. The site took several months of brainstorming, then it all came together this week in 2-3 days of intense coding, designing, testing, coffee and magic making.

‘Nuff words, go to

(Where did all my old image galleries go you might ask? Well, we have more magic up our sleeves, wait and see later this month)

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