Global Gypsy Travel Media – our stock photography website

Global Gypsy Travel Media
is our new stock photography site and I have been looking forward to launching this for a long time. Back in february 2014 in Singapore, Charlene and I were out for a walk and discussing our own websites. One of us remarked “we should pool all our stock images from our travels and make a separate stock photography website, and maybe invite others to contribute”. 9 months later, after many, many hours of work, Global Gypsy Travel Media is finally a reality! Just how much work is involved in this probably caught us a bit by surprise, but all good things to those who wait… no, those who swear at the screen, battling php, css, sql or just tired of keywording! 

Global Gypsy Travel Media offers stock travel photos from various locations worldwide. We offer a documentary alternative to standard glossy travel imagery. We currently have more than 800 images online from 24 countries and we are continually adding images. Charlene and I are the founders and photographers, and our good friend Michael Birkmose is an awesome contributing photographer (and database and code jedi). Read more about the crew here.

We are very excited about Global Gypsy Travel Media and we welcome all feedback and questions.

Thanks to Cathy of Two10 Solutions for the wonderful logo you designed for us. Thanks to Rooney Legal for helping us with all our legal questions. 


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