My Singapore Life – Johnny Depp at the barber shop


“You look like Johnny Depp!”. The guys at my local barber shop in Tampines, Singapore, sure know how to make a customer feel good! Landing in Singapore 5 days ago, I was in desperate need for shorter and less sweaty length of hair on my head and ran down to my local Malay barbers. I guess the haircut was priority one, but really I was secretly hoping for more of the – wildly untrue – but awesome compliments.

“I have never cut blond hair before” my barber excitedly told me the first time I went to Sri Aduka Men Hairdressing Salon back in february. They do not see a lot of blonde tall Scandinavians in this neighbourhood. Actually I have been known to cause traffic accidents. At Sri Aduka I cause people to gather around outside trying to peek in without me noticing. It is all part of the fun Sri Aduka experience. And then there is the haircut itself. The 7 or so Malay guys working here are true hair artists, creating intricate work using scissors, razors, clippers – and compliments! Every hair is studied, compared to the picture I am holding up on my iphone, and cut to perfection. I have had 4-5 haircuts here and it is some of the best haircuts ever. The price? A grand total of $10 Singapore dollars (7 USD). And best of all – they still call me Johnny Depp.


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  1. You’ve had the essential Singaporean experience: cheap & good.

    Next time you go there, i reckon you should splash out and get a Flat Top cut. Only $12!

  2. Ha! I had that experience in Mumbai once. Except I think they thought I was Matt Damon. And, yes, go for the flat top. I too wanted a shorter style recently, but not military short. Found a photo of Daniel Craig from a recent Bond film and, for the first time in my 44 years, actually showed a photo on my phone to illustrate what I wanted. It worked! But in NJ, no one thinks I’m Matt Damon. Or Daniel Craig….

    1. Great story! I get David Bowie quite a bit, Johnny Depp only happens here at my barber shop. Major diva claim to fame – strangers do actually recognize me in Copenhagen and tell me they like my pictures = ego explosion, so not healthy for me. I am also a hair diva. I never get a cut without a picture on the phone illustrating what I want 🙂

  3. Ha, ha, I went to Singapore the first time on a business trip in 1972, and those were the days of long hair trend in the west. And even dressed up to kill in a fancy business suit, it took me 1 hour to convince the airport guy to let me through. I guess things have changed a little bit 🙂

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