Look, it’s the Grand Canyon

Charlene and the grandest of clouds of Grand Canyon

Charlene and the grandest of clouds at Grand Canyon

“Don’t you want to look at the Grand Canyon?”. For some reason, every time I think of Grand Canyon I think of that Grand Canyon scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation (either that, or the ending of Thelma & Louise). I watched the Griswold’s family and their road trip quest for Wallyworld so many times as a kid, I must admit there are a lot of scenes I can’t help but replay in my head when roadtripping through the Southwest.

The first time I visited Grand Canyon in April 2010 a snowstorm raged. This time when Charlene and I arrives just before noon in the middle of September 2014, a heat spell is toasting the entire Southwest. A spectacular storm in the horizon threatens rain. We wander along the rim in the heat and be tourists with the rest of the tourists (no Griswolds in sight). The dimensions of Grand Canyon almost seem impossible, incomprehensible for a human eye. Hoping that storm comes closer, but not too close. Staring, in awe, making pictures. And of course, searching for fridge magnets, our own little National Lampoon Vacation mission.

Don't you want to see the Grand Canyon? Hint: It's behind you.

Don’t you want to see the Grand Canyon? Hint: It’s behind you.

The grandest of Canyons

The grandest of Canyons


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