She came, she played, she conquered. Copenhagen-based Courtesy brought her “deep sea techno” to a packed RBMA stage at Sonar Copenhagen and proceeded to blow the roof of the place.

Courtesy - performance Courtesy - performance FlemmingBoJensen-RedBull-Sonar-Courtesy-203571 Courtesy - performance Courtesy - performance


4 thoughts on “Courtesy at Sonar Copenhagen

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  1. Charlene 6 years ago

    Hot damn those are great pictures. That second last one is particularly striking.

    PS, I only just noticed that she wears spectacles!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 6 years ago

      That second to last is my favourite as well – straight to the pool room, I mean portfolio I think!

  2. najaaraq 6 years ago

    love them all, thank you so much!