Culture Box, Fujinon 16mmF1.4 + featured in The Guardian


In my previous blog post about the new and wonderful wide angle lens, the Fujinon 16mmF1.4, I featured a few images from the nightclub Culture Box in Copenhagen. They were all unedited jpegs straight out of camera. In this post I am presenting a larger selection of my images with the 16mm from Culture Box, this time they are all post-processed in Lightroom. I have not done much to the images but even though the unedited jpegs are fantastic, the images still benefit from some clarity and a bit of work with levels and rescuing shadows in such a super dark environment.

The Guardian reports on Copenhagen nightlife

I also had the pleasure of having a few of these images featured in The Guardian, that did a nice report on Copenhagen nightlife. Thanks to Courtesy for asking me to be part of this article.


Culture Box with the Fujinon 16mm F1.4 lens

The Fujinon 16mm F1.4 lens is ideally suited for my music photography. It is especially suited to shoot at Culture Box, a very dark nightclub. Culture Box recently won best nightclub in Denmark for the 6th year in a row at Danish DeeJay Awards and deservedly so, they do a wonderful job and it is a great club. It is also a good and fun challenge for a photographer and the gear – there is only a low level of red light available, so I really need the Fuji low light capability and the F1.4 aperture to capture what little light there is. For me, the Fujifilm X-system is perfect for music photography and with the 16mm lens my music speed-shooter bag of tricks is pretty much complete with a 16mmF1.4, 35mmF1.4 and a 56mmF1.4 (not forgetting the amazing 23mm F1.4 but I don’t use it as much as I either go wider with the 16mm or closer with the 35mm).

The following images are all captured with my Fuji X-T1 and the Fujinon 16mmF1.4 lens at apertures between F1.4-F2.0, iso5000-iso6400. Many thanks again to Culture Box, Fujifilm Nordic and Japan divisions.

FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4019 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4071 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4158FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4250 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4072 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4096 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4190 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4138 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4279 FlemmingBoJensen-blog-culturebox-4201

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