Get in the Loop – Ebook release 30 Nov 2015


After 6 months of work, I am very excited to announce the forthcoming release on Monday November 30 of my ebook on music photography!

GET IN THE LOOP – How To Make Great Music Images

Want to make better music images? This book is for you! 220 pages featuring:

  • How to get started – how to get in the loop, how to get paid!
  • Preparations – how do I prepare for gigs?
  • Camera tips – everything from ISO, lenses, EV, to not chimping
  • In my bag – what do I bring?
  • Contracts – what I think, what I do, my experience with contracts
  • Processing and delivering – step by step of my workflow
  • Post processing – 6 step by step examples
  • The guts of shooting – how to make awesome images!
  • 46 of my images – presented full screen and with analysis & tech details

Coming Monday 30 November 2015 – Stay tuned!

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