Raves & Reviews of Get In The Loop


Raves and reviews of Get In The Loop

My ebook Get In The Loop about music photography has been out for four days now and I am overwhelmed and so thankful for the support and so grateful to everyone who has bought it. Below are a few of the reviews:

Great work, man. Packed with so much useful information, even for other types of photographers. I’m really impressed by your collection of images and the detailed background information you supply with all of them. And thank you for sharing so much of your workflow and processing techniques! So much to learn (2 minute processing! example curves!). Again, thank you so much for sharing! – Jorrit Wiersma

The book covers all bases: gear, contracts, technique, post-processing…you name it. He didn’t hold anything back.
I’m particularly fond of the Pictures chapter where he shares 46 images, each with its EXIF data and a backstory explaining the context of the shot. This is something I not only find interesting, I also believe it’s one of the best ways to learn from a photographer.
At $6.99 for 220 pages of tips, tricks and awesome photography I think it’s a steal. – Patrick LaRoque

My KAGE buddy and kick-ass photographer Flemming Bo Jensen has just released an eBook on music photography. If I’m grumpy today, it’s because he sent me a sample of the book yesterday and I simply couldn’t go to sleep until I finished the book. Even if you don’t shoot music, there’s a lot of great information and amazing pictures to be found. Highly recommended!!!! – Bert Stephani

If you enjoy shooting music, or if you haven’t tried it yet and don’t know where to start, Flemming Bo Jensen has the answer. Flemming launches his new ebook available now called ‘Get In The Loop – How To Make Great Music Images’ and man is it worth the money! At 220 pages long and only $6.99 (USD) it’s a no brainer. Flemming has done a first class job on the layout too, which makes it a really enjoyable read that’s packed with information on how to do music photography. – Derek Clark

Great work Flemming! A lot of useful information and I really like the detailed picture section with EXIF data and your personal comments to each picture plus your post-processing insights. And at this price it is really a bargain! –Tilman Jentzsch

About the image

I made the image above at Distortion 2013, at the Eloq container stage. There is a chicken! That is all you need! Read the story behind the image, full analysis and tech details in the book along with 45 other of my images!


A collection of links to sites that have featured Get In The Loop – thank you so much all of you!

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