Mel’s Diner, Beatty, Nevada, USA. January 2016.

Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon 18mm F2.0 lens, 1/70, F2.8, ISO 400


8 thoughts on “Mel’s Diner

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  1. Jesper 5 years ago

    Hi, great shot. sometimes it would be great if you shared a bit more, I makes me so curious!

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 5 years ago

      Thank you Jesper. Glad it makes you curious 🙂 Are you curious about more pictures or more information about a picture (like this one)?

        1. Flemming Bo Jensen 5 years ago

          😀 all these requests and demands on an old tired man 😀 OK, I have to do a version 2 of Mel’s Diner then including the menu 😀

      1. Jesper 5 years ago

        In this particular comment I wanted to see more from that fantastic diner. And yes, I do want to see more of the same story than one picture. I am sure you have material to tell/show more. And again, some of the situations I guess is fine with one picture. Hey – you are the artist. And a great one, by the way.

    2. Markus 5 years ago

      I’ll second that.
      My mind yearns for a exterior shot as well as some pretext, setting the scene
      You definitely building up curiosity…

      1. Flemming Bo Jensen 5 years ago

        Ah cool. OK, an idea for a future blog post, extended Mel’s Diner story 🙂

        1. Jesper 5 years ago

          Great idea!