It is far too rare these days that I shoot vertical images. Something about the fact they do not display particular well on a laptop wide screen means I neglect to rotate the camera. But the narrow streets in Guanajuato often calls out for verticals so loud even I answer the call!

This particular door with the red star houses a shop that is always open! This is the only time we have ever walked past it where the doors have been closed and lucky us, this one afternoon of luck also gave us a dog and awesome light at just the right angle. All I had to do as Charlene was taking her shot of the door and the dog, was take a step back and line up the star, the red colours, the dog and the shadows. Oh and rotate the camera! It was just about the only picture I shot that day, and I love this one. Some days you just get really lucky.


Guanajuato, Mexico. Fujifilm X-T1, XF18mm F2 lens, 1/7000 sec, f/2.8, iso200

2 Comments on “Stjerne”

  1. Super fedt billede ✴ “Sol og Stjerne” – Det var Daenerys Targaryens navnet for Khal Drogo, hendes scary hestherre mand, på A Game Of Thrones.

    Dagens trivia 😀

    Har jeg fortælt dig… din billede er magisk, fordi du er?

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