The World Ends in Guanajuato


Most days here in Guanajuato, Mexico are sunny and warm, it will get close to 30c degrees in the middle of the days. The last two days have been very different. A huge end-of-the-world storm hit us and it lasted for nearly 24 hours. The temperature dropped rapidly like in some disaster movie, hail bombarded our flat and dark clouds loomed above us like in Mordor. We also lost power for about 8 hours meaning no internet, the horror!

Last afternoon the storm cleared slightly and the sun blasted through a hole in the clouds and lit up the opposite side of the valley and created a surreal scene. This is shot out of one of our windows.

Snow. Actual snow falling from the sky here. Next thing pigs will be flying! As I write this it is sunny again and the world did not end, we have internet again!

Just to compare, this is the normal view from our flat:


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  1. The idea of no internet is worse than dying a slow death. The fact you survived is a testament to your formidable character and ability to adapt to life-changing situations.

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