SGT Pokes in a frenzy of energy


Only thing worse than imperfection: perfection

Yes, this image is quite out of focus and has a lot of motion blur. Shot in hectic moments on stage as SGT Pokes was moving around in a frenzy of energy.

But not every image needs to be razor sharp with perfect light and composition. Perfection in images or in any art can be very dull in my opinion. You need to leave something to the imagination, you need to have something that bothers you, that keeps the mind thinking about what is happening in the image. Fellow Danish Fujifilm X-Photographer Klaus Bo calls it “a rock in your shoe” and I love that expression, that is exactly what images often need and it is something I will focus very intensely on working this summer of festivals in Copenhagen.

I will end with a few quotes from ‘The Technical Constraints That Made Abbey Road So Good‘, a wonderful article by Ken Scott, an engineer on The Beatles’ White Album.

When it comes to what people like about music, there was actually only one thing worse than these imperfections: perfection. – Ken Scott

Take something flawed, work on it ’til every part is ‘improved’ then listen. It’s worse. How could that be? Every piece is now better. But it’s a worse final product. – Ken Scott

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  1. Great post FBJ! So very true for all the Arts. Love the expression of a rock in the shoe …that ones a keeper.

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