The Many Moods of Christmas in Nordjylland

I spent the fast couple of weeks outside the town of Farsø in Nordjylland in Denmark at my father’s place, back home for a very nice good old fashioned family Christmas for the first time in 4 years. One of the awesome things about staying at this house out in the country is going for walks. Every day I would venture out with my camera, I even managed to catch the morning sun on a few frosty mornings that were just too beautiful for me to remain inside inhaling coffee (it helps the sun rises at about 9am!).

Follow me, on a walk through the many moods of Christmas in Nordjylland. And happy new year everyone.

Blue Fog! On the first day I arrived. That is my father’s house.

Me and My Shadow took many walks. The sun stays so low the shadows are like this all day.

A little secret: This masterpiece of extreme landscape photography was captured from inside my father’s living room, cup of coffee in hand!

Hold. Who goes there?

Mad winter light captured by my special flare edition 18mm lens.

The fog is back!

Fog makes everything better

Fog and sunshine and a solitary tree. I may be a genius.

Hey, my shadow is back! Nature was kind to leave a gap in the trees for the sun and my shadow to shine through.

This was a day of MAD light! Suddenly the sun broke through the layer of thick fog at lunch time and created this!

Later that same day, the day of mad light ended with this sunset.

The Ents entered the picture as well one day

24th of December was a day of storm, hail, rain, sunshine and all around mad light again. And wonderful food, presents and companionship.

Finally, when my beloved better half is on the other side of the world with her family, all I can do is point my X-T2 at my self and count the seconds till we will be reunited on January 1st to kick start 2017 in the best way.

13 Comments on “The Many Moods of Christmas in Nordjylland”

  1. Nice to see you take your old passion for landscape photography out for a spin.
    And that last picture and caption really nails it
    I’m practically hearing a ambient soundtrack of mixed Jan Johansson, Ry Cooder and Nils Frahm – and hearing your voiceover

    Happy holidays, old chap 🙂

  2. The world is a wondrous and magical place through your eyes.
    Warm wishes for joy, peace, and creative fulfillment in the new year!

  3. Clearly something happens when January first rolls around, my birthday, and for brief moments the world becomes one harmonious lump of juicy light and frozen Earth. That looks so cold. I’m surprised you have any memory at all. I know for a fact the human brain shuts down completely below 75 degrees. If you wear foil on your head you get get down to about 65 degrees but that’s pushing it. As for Christmas, if you got more gifts than your sister than you “won” Christmas.

    1. I think we all lost Christmas to my younger brother, the bastard! My brain is not human and is capable of surviving all kinds of extremes, from Winter in Denmark to Singapore to the craziest place of all … Newport Beach!

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