Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year

Chinatown the day before New Years Eve and it is packed.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year!

It is such an enriching experience to partake in family traditions different than ones own and be part of the Chinese New Year with my second family. May I add it is also quite a filling experience, lots of wonderful food, drinks and snacks are being consumed!

Geographic and visa restrictions with no common residency means unlike most couples, we are presently forced to always be on the run and cannot take it for granted that we can always be together. It is the transnational clock that author Kirsten Han has written so well about. Being together at birthdays, Christmas, New Years etc is not something we can take for given. I am therefore so happy I got to experience another Chinese New Year with my second family here in Singapore and of course first and foremost : The Magic One, the love of my life, Charlene.

I try to generally be the most awesome person I can be for Charlene and myself, that is my new years and everyday resolution……But I did just add another New Years resolution. I gotta learn to play Mahjong well enough to hold my own in a family game here, maybe even win a few dollars! Gong Xi Fa Cai means something like wishing you to be prosperous in the new year, so I plan to start my prosperity next year by winning a game or two!

Reunion dinner is ready! A tribute picture to my friend and amazing photographer P-A Jörgensen of Fool Magazine.

Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves. This was a happy night!

All Hands on Deck! Mahjong gambling with high stakes!

Charlene nailing a shot in Chinatown


Charlene does not like being in front of a camera so my best chance is when she is photographing…me 🙂

The view from the 16th floor in Bedok is quite something.

Lines and angles of HDB Flats

Blade Runner time

Never Miss a good reflection!

You really cannot take us anywhere!

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  1. Happy times and happy images. Love the crowded colorful chaos of celebration that first one captured and those last two: LOL, sometimes you two kids (compared to me) are just too cute for words. 🙂

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