Bambounou playing in outstanding light at the best looking event I have ever shot, the RBMA stage at Distortion festival 2015. Shot for Red Bull Danmark.

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry Ford. The techno does community seems to have taken a leaf from Henry Ford’s colour scheme. I know that I had a period in the 90s where I wore 100% black, always. I have progressed now, I have added brown and blue to the mix.

I do absolutely love shooting music pictures in black and white. And often nowadays the stages are awash in ugly colours from terrible LED lights. But my world needs a bit of colour now and then so I am making an effort to make some colour images.

I call the series TechnoColour and you can find more on my Instagram feed.

Kölsch cueing up another wonderful romantic-techno tune at Zouk Singapore.

Bok Bok on the same Red Bull Music Academy stage as the first shot, best gig ever. Shot for Red Bull Danmark.

…More on my Instagram.

2 Comments on “TechnoColour”

  1. All great, but the composition, multiple colors, and balance of number three really are superior (IMHO). I just love that diagonal slash across the top left quadrant of the frame and how the logo on his shirt is matched by the highlight to his right and that brilliant red square on his panel balances out the larger but less intense red through which the diagonal runs. Anybody who’s ever tried to shoot a live music scene wishes they’d shot that one. Stunning!

    1. Hi Greg, and thank so much, I really appreciate your analysis and praise of the 3rd one, the shot of Bok Bok. It really means a lot to me, and yes, this particular scene came together quite perfectly, that is so insanely rare in any concert or club environment!

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