Bas Under Buen Tour 2017

I have photographed the Bas Under Buen event by the Ohoi! crew every year (except 2015) since 2012 and have blogged about it before. I will refer to my posts here and here and my KAGE Collective story here for more background on the event. In 2017 I had the opportunity to shoot the entire tour through three cities in Denmark, so kick back, play some Ohoi! tunes from Soundcloud and dig into my gallery of memories from this Summer.

Frederiksberg, Saturday 7th of July

Every year, arriving at the iconic location Bispeengbuen maybe an hour or so before kick-off, I watch the crew of people setting everything up and am struck by the same feeling of awe (and the feeling of, wow, has it been another year!). A small group of dedicated people manages to plan, arrange, fund and execute a big event that will end up attracting thousands and thousands of people later in the day. People run around everywhere prepping things, setting up sound, fences, bars etc. and there are often a million small challenges to deal with at the last minute. But in the dying minutes before the first beats are played, everything seems to come together – and then it is time for me to go to work!

Building the Funktion One bass monster setup at Frederiksberg.

DJ Static’s stage!

Which fortunately did not crumble under his absolutely amazing hip-hop mad DMC-winner turntable skills set!

JG magically made the sun appear!

Nonsens with the no-nonsense no-compromise sound do their bit to take down the bridge!

Nonsens finding a decent use for mobile phones at a concert!

I love how this picture looks so quiet, JSL on the decks, and in reality it is peak-time madness.

Nosebleed section! I am happy I am on the other side of the fence, it is mad and wild!

I really love JSL’s deep chunky funky dubby tunes and so does the crowd.

Da Gang! The antics backstage are at times as mad and amusing as in front of the stage.

Odense, Saturday 15th of July

We are in a super nice tour bus, but we are going nowhere fast. There was an accident on the freeway and Odense has never seemed so far away. But we make it and it is a rare sunny Summer day at a good location in Odense. Odense really goes off later in the night and the Odense local acts on the line-up do an amazing job. Highlights also include my buddy Black Daniels jumping the fence and MCing in the crowd. Special shoutout to Mathias from Firehouse Sound for never ending supply of jokes at 1am while we waited for the bus home!

Odense! It is early and already the world / photographer is tilting and the ravers are out!

Crackhouse put on one helluva show and their hypeman is a tornado of energy.

DJ Static rocking the Odense crowd.

Followed by a Bas Under Buen classic, DJ Shield feat. Black Daniels, a dynamite combination.

Black Daniels jumped the fence, into the crowd and almost into my camera!

Daniels in a brilliant MCing in the middle of the crowd move!

We were damn lucky with the weather in Odense, gorgeous night.

And a nice night for some…limbo?

Hail the bass!

Odense nosebleed section!

Tim Driver on the decks and the mike

Kira and the Crowd

Tim Driver driving the night home with some maaaaaaad Ohoi! specials.

Aarhus, Friday 21st of July

This time the lovely tour bus smoothly gets us to Aarhus on time. The location is outstanding, the bridge looks insane. Even better later on when the bridge turns out to have loads of red lights underneath it (we had no idea). The Aarhus ravers are somewhat slow to get going, but later in the night they unleash total nosebleed mad level of energy, sweet lord the last couple of hours were crazy! Special shoutout to my dear mother for driving hours through Jylland and pick me up after the show and then drive me to my dad’s place in Nordjylland!

Rasmus, Nikolaj and Asger and extra-mad Denali Sound speakers!

The disappearing-reappearing Rasmus’ dub-sirene-lunchbox !

I am sorry, I forgot the name of this food truck, damn nice food and people!

Aaaaarhus NOSEBLEED!

DJ Static is from Aarhus and put on a special final show on the tour, daaang mad skills on the ones and twos!

Nosebleed! For me! Glad I was behind the fence haha!

Tim Driver under the bridge which turned out to have some rather strong red LED lights that automatically turned on after sunset – bit of a bonus for me I thought, looked damn nice!

It is the last few tunes of the tour and the night and everyone is going bonkers, find a speaker to jump on, now!!! Oh no we are out of room on the subs!

Mad mad ravers from Aarhus saying good night to the Bas Under Buen Tour 2017.

The End is the Beginning

Thanks so much to the Ohoi! crew, all the artists, the volunteers, everyone involved and the mad ravers at all events! See you next year!

Da Bass Gang backstage! Bas Under Buen signing off for 2017, see you next year!

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