Dual Vision – A Tale of 2 Photographers & 2 Cameras

You might know that Fujifilm has two flagship cameras in their X-series, the X-T2 and the X-Pro2. Sometime last year the awesome people of Fujifilm Nordic asked Charlene and I if we could make a movie about how we use those two cameras respectively and the differences. Without giving too much away, we decided to do something a bit different so lets jump straight to:

In the coming weeks we will share some making-of stories on the blog over at our production company Roaming Frame so stay tuned!


Story, direction, photography, writing and editing: Charlene Winfred and Flemming Bo Jensen
Audio recording, mixing, design: Flemming Bo Jensen
Filmed on Location in Zouk Singapore and New Zealand.
Thanks to Fujifilm and venue sponsor Zouk(tm)

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