Sydhavnsgade’s Disco Rave Swansong

Out of this world disco-rave at Sydhavnsgade!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being hired to document the Final Party by the organisers simply known as Sydhavnsgade – also the name of the street of their venue. Sydhavnsgade is a group of young people that came together about 1.5 years ago to form an organisation that would create cultural events and creative maker-spaces in the Sydhavn area of Copenhagen. One of the things they did was build this incredibly DIY venue, all of it low-cost solutions brilliantly and creatively put together.  It is one of the most wonderful venues I have ever shot, made much better by the hard work and love you could tell was poured into this building, an old warehouse in an industrial area. A proper disco-rave warehouse party venue. Unfortunately the lease expired, the place is getting torn down to make way for luxury flats. So it was time for one last dance, one Final Party. Perfecting this night was outstanding music by Fergus Murphy, Fyraftensboogie and Red Greg and a totally up for it crowd that packed the venue from early evening to the very end. The queue to get in told you how special this night was. Grateful to have been part of this!

I had a heap of fun photographing this, the lasers were amazeballs and the crowd was loads of fun. It is almost entirely done on manual focus as it was really, really dark, a lot darker than it looks in my pictures – fortunately my X-T2 can see in the dark.

The amazing homemade venue. Incredible work.

The legend! Fergus Murphy warming up the crowd.

It was a frosty Winter night but that doesn’t stop people from hanging outside, having a smoke!

The venue was packed and full even before midnight, and all night long the queue was looooong! This was THE party in Copenhagen to go to on this night.

Lasers and planets. Loved it, took about 100 of these pictures!

And spotlight on the crowd.

Absolutely incredible DIY venue, all made with very little money but lots of creativity.

People got their disco-rave dancing boots on!

Fyraftensboogie feat 2000F and JG did their usual totally mad mixup of boogie, disco, house, dubplates and madness!

More lasers, love them!

I did a lot of dancing around the crowd with my 16mm lens getting shots like these, the floor was packed!

Laaaasssserrrrrsssss! Fire those turbo lasers!

Several great friends grooving in this picture, everyone having it.

Red Greg played the last 4 hours and he was just unreal. Tonnes of old disco and house vinyl I had never heard of, mixed to perfection. In the background, my friend Daniel and one of the guys behind Sydhavnsgade is working the VJ software and looking at me as I am sure he saw me waiting for him to temporarily light the spotlight on the DJ so I could make this picture. Teamwork!


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