Machu Picchu, Peru, 1st of January 2012. I have seen things…

Journal entry, Machu Picchu, Peru, 1st of January 2012.

“I have seen things you people would not believe…”.

Sorry for stealing that line for the 100th time! I am presently going through 10 years of travel images for the agency I am part of, Gonzales Photo (make me rich Leon!) and it is one helluva trip down memory lane.

Machu Picchu is definitely in the top 10 of unreal things I have seen and will go in my “I have seen things…” speech at the end. We had 2 days there and on day 2, 1st of January 2012, we arrived to find the entire mountain swallowed by a thick layer of fog. As the fog lifted, it truly was a “Major Tom to ground control” out of this world moment.

Bonus anecdote: I was sick as a dog when I made this picture, worst physical state of my life. A vicious stomach bug caught in Peru (in an expensive restaurant of all places after years of eating at street stalls) was literally draining me, I weighed 62 kilos and could hardly walk. It took 3 weeks to be able to eat and drink normally again. Fortunately on this morning I managed to walk/crawl to this spot and hold the camera. I have seen things…

Bonus Bonus info: There are no toilets at Machu Picchu. Not a single one. Tread softly and carry toilet paper I say.

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