I have had the pleasure of photographing Denmark’s best electronic boyband, AV AV AV, many times before, all the way back to Sonar Festival 2015. At Copenhagen Distortion Festival 2018, they played a great live set at the Distortion Ø Final Party in front of a large crowd of AV AV AV fans. I loved how playful the set was, the guys sort of let loose in the Distortion chaos kind of way and the new tunes sounded amazing.

All photos shot with Fujifilm X-H1.



2 thoughts on “Total Recall

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  1. Boris 3 years ago

    would be more interesting, which lenses you used…. (the 23/1.4 for all pictures?)
    love the H1… so much better than my T1

    1. Flemming Bo Jensen 3 years ago

      Mostly the 16mm F1.4 lens, a few of them are probably the 35mm F1.4. It is all in the exif in the images.