To Begin With…Everything!

“Russell. What do you love about music?

“…to begin with…everything!”

So ends the movie Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe, one of my all-time favourites. I have watched it numerous times and it completely nails everything I love about being part of the music scene. That feeling of magic, of belonging, of being close to the flame, that feeling that is so perfectly shown when 15 year old William Miller gets in backstage to do his first concert review as a reporter. I still get that feeling every single time before a gig. Of course, not every gig ends up delivering on that feeling, on that promise. You are trying to make magic happen and it is a fragile thing. Sometimes it all comes together. The Minds of 99, a truly amazing band in peak form that I totally love. Kick-ass sound and light. A great venue. Wonderful crowd full of die-hard proper fans. What did I love about The Minds of 99 show at Tobakken in Esbjerg? Well, to begin with…everything!

…and that is quite enough stealing from Cameron Crowe, let’s look at some pictures. I worked my ass off at this event, I feel that I am still learning to really understand and really make truly great pictures of Minds. Every Minds’ event is a journey, a lesson for me. One day, in 10-20 years, my goal is to have one helluva photo documentary book about The Minds of 99.

PS. My dear mother lives in the city of Esbjerg, so she and my sister were in the crowd and had a great time. I really loved sharing my world with them and I think they both turned into Minds’ fan after experiencing the energy and performance of their live show.

The Minds of 99 at Tobakken, Esbjerg


Just minutes to go now…

Getting psyched!

Niels in a sea of fans. The venue, Tobakken, is an old tobacco factory and really cool.

Niels sings the opening song, a quiet version of the incredible Ud af Min Krop.

Captured from the balcony and here comes my thing about taking pictures with the entire band in the frame, with everyone reasonably well lit and that is actually harder than it sounds!

At some point I going to spend a whole concert just making pictures of Louis on the drums because one, it can be hard to get decent shots of drummers and two, he is so damn good it is really awesome to watch.

Niels can actually levitate, if you did not know this already!

Awesome group of fans in Minds’ gear, they were having a totally wicked time up front.

Louis on the drums, Asger on the bass, sharing a moment!

Anders rocking the Baum Guitar, Niels rocking the Air Guitar!

The Minds of 99 – Esbjerg 15.11.18. Foto af Flemming Bo Jensen

Jacob Bech on the synths and keys!

Getting Niels to stand still long enough for a picture is a challenge! Energizer bunny!

More smoke! I like smoke.

Where the magic lives

Anders Folke Larsen, guitar.

Asger Wissing, bass.

Louis Clausen, drums.

Niels Brandt, lead singer.

The audience really knew all the lyrics!

A sold out Tobakken venue filled with really wonderful die-hard fans.

As one.

Phones are such a big part of how the crowd takes in concerts, you might as well embrace it and as a photographer, you might as well use it when they light up the lead singer for you!

Anders doing his mad jump and I nailed it, been wanting to get this shot of Anders for so long!

Niels Brandt, lead singer.

Asger using the ‘bridge’ for a bit of exercise!

Being at the right place at the right time. I had no idea this light and this situation would happen, sometimes you just have to be there and be a bit lucky and then be damn quick! Never take your eye out of the viewfinder!

Niels cooling the crowd – and me!

Acoustic version of Hurtige Hænder is great and has really become a crowd favorite.

Love these guys! I think they were at previous Minds’ gigs too, die-hard fans!

We are still in the acoustic version of Hurtige Hænder. Getting the shot from the front and the back too, I may be old but still fast haha!

Esbjerg crowd you rock!

Thank you Jannik Jensen for the perfect light for this picture of Anders and the awesome guitar solo in Alle Skuffer Før Tid.

Mad Esbjerg crowd and awesome venue. Check out how it is actually built into the outside of a building! And you can just spot my mother and sister in the top right corner!

Anders, rock n roll guitar god.

How many venues have this view, of the crowd in 3 layers, it is super cool!

Thank you Esbjerg!

Tak Esbjerg!

Goosebumps. I still pinch myself that I get to part of this. I wanna call the 12 year old me and tell him to never give up on the dream, this is possible, it will happen!


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