Every Frame from a Concert: The Minds of 99 timelapse

The soundtrack is ‘Fuglebur‘ by The Minds of 99 (used with permission). Thank you so much to band and management for allowing me to use this song, it is just perfect for this timelapse I find.

Into The Minds of 99 in timelapse

I had the pleasure of documenting 2 x concerts in a row for Denmark’s best live band, The Minds of 99. Inspired by fellow Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins and his great Every Frame from a Wedding video, I wanted to turn one of the concerts into a time-lapse and what you see here is the result. I hope you find it interesting! It is every single picture, minus all the backstage photos, from The Minds of 99 at VEGA, Copenhagen on 29 December 2018. A few notes:

    • There are 1564 frames in this video, every single frame from the 90 minutes concert. I shoot mostly on single shot mode, except for during strobe lighting, so that is a picture roughly every 3.5 seconds.
    • Photographed entirely on Fujifilm X-T3 & X-T2 cameras with XF16mm F1.4 and XF35mm F1.4 lenses (a few images shot on XF8-16mm F2.8 lens). I was using both cameras at the same time so there are obvious jumps as I swap from 16mm to 35mm view. Other obvious jumps happen of course, when I go from stage to the pit, to the front of house, to the balcony etc.!
    • All photos shot in RAW format. I applied a preset during import in Lightroom that just applied Classic Chrome colour profile and desaturated the strong colours that happens due to LED lights and haze, just to make the images more viewable in this time-lapse.
    • No cropping and no other post processing at all, everything else including the exposure and white balance is straight out of camera.
    • I shot the entire show on auto white balance and almost the entire show on auto shutter speed. The Fujifilm X-cameras keep up with mad changing light really well.
    • Finally, I then blew up my old Mac by exporting 1564 jpegs and loading them into imovie to create the timelapse! Final movie made in Premiere Pro CC.

Do also view my blog post with 50 selected and edited images from the 2 concerts. This way you get to to compare and see what I chose out of the 1564 stills.

Thanks so much to the kick-ass The Minds of 99 band and entire crew! Let’s make more magic in 2019 🙂

Thank you also to fellow X-Photographer Kevin Mullins for his “Every Frame from a Wedding” video that inspired me to do this project. Watch his video here: f16.click/wedding-photography/every-frame-wedding-x-pro2.html


2 Comments on “Every Frame from a Concert: The Minds of 99 timelapse”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Flemming! And yes, it was really interesting to see your selects after viewing the timelapse. You covered two other Minds concerts in 2018 before this one, and you know their songs really well (and you know Vega really well): how much did you plan where and when you wanted to be during the show? How much of the lighting design did you know in advance? It seemed like you were always in the right place to photograph the best lighting effects that looked good photographed to show off the band and the room 🙂

    1. Hi Brett, those are some great questions, thank you! The main thing here is knowing the songs really well. That is they key. I remember every single beat and part of every song. I don’t have to think or worry about the light. The Minds of 99 employs one of the best light designers in Denmark and I know all the light during the entire show is amazing and designed to perfection. All I need to do to be in the right place (which means I will be where the light is pointed anyway) is to remember the song. And I do that subconsciously by now, I have heard the songs 100 times at least. So I know exactly “oh the keyboard part is coming up, I will head over to Jacob on the keys” or “oh the bass solo is coming up, I need to find Asger in a hurry” etc etc. By far what gives one the best advantage as a photographer is simply knowing the songs. I suppose it helps as a musician as well 🙂

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