Orbital live at Vega

I honestly do not remember when Orbital came into my life. Sometime in the mid 90s I think. Maybe earlier. Phil and Paul Hartnoll have been doing this since 1989. That is quite something. And they are still touring too.

Orbital is responsible for several all-time classics in the electronic genre of music. I still rank their song Belfast as as one of my favourite tunes and one of the most beautiful electronic anthems of all time. And I am not alone in feeling this way. Belfast has impact, and just watch this part of their live performance, playing Belfast to a crowd in Belfast. I don’t care if they are sometimes cheesy, they are pioneers and there is a magic to making a huge crowd happy like that.

And they are fun and happy. That is what it is all about too isn’t it. Orbital can play tunes that make people dance, make people happy. In a world of electronic music that can sometimes get way too stuck-up, serious, arrogant and exclusive towards anything light and joyful – Orbital makes music that makes people happy. I jumped at the chance to photograph them at Vega in Copenhagen for GAFFA magazine back in October. They played for nearly two hours. The crowd was, I won’t say old, just say that there were a lot around my age too. We all had fun. We danced. We laughed. We were happy.

Not everyone was at around the age of your’s truly!


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  1. Ah, how awesome are Orbital. Saw them last summer in Glasgow, absolutely fantastic evening.

    So many memories evoked of their tunes!

    Not bad images either

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