The Fujifilm X-T3 in Silver

Gear porn alert! For some reason I ended up making gear pictures while drinking rum and listening to music last night. Mysterious Ways!

I have been using the Fujifilm X-T3 since early October and it is the best Fujifilm camera so far for my work. Compared to the X-T2, the X-T3 is a lot faster in all aspects, it can focus even in incredibly dark environments and battery life is double of the X-T2. X-T2 is still absolutely amazing. It’s just that the X-T3 is even better. We are spoiled photographers these days!

Thanks to the wonderful Fujifilm Nordic I now have two black X-T3s, which is fantastic as I always shoot with two cameras and it is so much easier to do that with identical cameras. But this past weekend I borrowed a silver X-T3 from my friend Ib Thordal from Fujifilm Nordic and I mostly just find cameras to be a hammer, a tool, but oh my, this silver one is gorgeous. Not sure I wanna give it back 😂 It reminds me of my entry into the Fujifilm world, the X100 which I purchased 8 years ago. And the many adventures I took that X100 on around the world. I really love this silver camera. DJ Old Fart is being nostalgic. Look, even an old table and old Anton picture of Bowie!

Oh yeah that book the cameras are lying on, my new test print lay flat book from Blurb. Blog post coming up.

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