Danish Electronic Music – a Photo Exhibition

Back in January, I was saying hi to my friend Ole Bo Jensen (no relations hehe!) in the Leica Boutique in Copenhagen. Ole works there and told me they had plans to start doing photo exhibitions in the shop, on a monthly basis – by all kinds of photographers and cameras, not just Leica shooters, and would I be interested in doing an exhibition in the shop? Hell yeah!!!!!!!

I have wanted to do a photo exhibition for a long time but it had to be the right place, right opportunity, right time. And on the right budget. This was it! I knew I wanted to do a theme on Danish Electronic Music, my heart and soul in music photography, and it also had the added benefit that the pictures would feature a lot of Danish artists that I knew personally so they wold hopefully be excited about the exhibition as well. It would most importantly bring a less-known genre in the Danish music landscape to a few new eyes as well.

The exhibition opened on Saturday June the 1st, a week where I was super busy as well working gigs at the Distortion festival. I do not really recommend opening an exhibition while shooting a festival, but it all worked great! Thank you so much to the many people who came to the opening, it means so much to me!  I will feature more about the making of the exhibition in a future blog post. For now, get your ass into the Leica Boutique 🙂

During all of June 2019 you can view the exhibition in the Leica Boutique, Skoubogade 6, Copenhagen

Check out this little run-through of the exhibition:

Gallery from the opening reception on June 1st, 2019

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