Movie: Capturing Music with the Fujifilm GFX100

Back in June, the wonderful people of Fujifilm Nordic gave me a little challenge – take the Fujifilm GFX100 102 megapixel medium format camera to music festivals, use it just like you use your favourite Fujifilm X-T3 cameras, and see what happens!

Well, what happened – you can see that in the movie above and you can view the stills below!

Director, editor, photographer, sound designer, and improviser of one-take nonsense
…well, that would be me

All GFX100 pictures by me, shot in raw, edited in Lightroom

Stills of me with the GFX100
Helle Arensbak
Kim Matthäi Leland
Malthe Folke Ivarsson

3D animations of those stills, by Jalotpi
DiaMount® Print by Grafik & Foto

Fujifilm Nordic, especially Ib Thordal and Karl Löweberg
Roskilde Festival, especially Anders Hjortkær
Helle, Kim and Malthe for the awesome stills and so much fun!
Peter Wolff of Grafik & Foto for incredible DiaMount print!

Fujifilm GFX100 gallery

Behold, every single one of the 44 stills in the movie for you to view including exif! Click a thumbnail and just use arrow keys to look through the gallery.

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